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mafia city mod apk unlimited gold and money download for Android

mafia city mod apk unlimited gold and money download for Android

Mafia city mod apk unlimited gold and money is one of the most powerful fighting and action games and the formation of mafia gangs, including group wars, each of them attacking the other and controlling it. It can be downloaded now for free from the link at the bottom of the page.

mafia city mod apk unlimited gold and money download for Android

In Mafia city mod apk, after you download and install it on your Android phone, you will start building your own city and it has all the tools you need to develop the city and establish factories, companies, villas, warehouses and camps.

 You must start organizing your city and arranging work in it. Each grows very quickly and the rest of the gangs hear about you. You can write your name or nickname with a description of your own so that players can identify you to others.

 In Mafia city mod apk unlimited gold and money there are many civil and military missions, and both must be worked on together. In civil missions, you must develop resources and establish factories and investment companies, and as for military missions such as building camps, military bases, weapons, soldiers, armored vehicles, and others.

 The most important thing is to build you a military force that the enemy cannot penetrate or control, and at first it will be tiring because of the lack of resources and the lack of advanced levels, but after you work and continue your work, it will become easy, and also when you have great power, you will be able to attack your enemies  And plundered their properties like gold minerals, banks and a lot of other things.

The most important features of Mafia city mod apk free for Android

 ✓ Money and gold

 Basically, money and gold is what can work with and build cities, and in Mafia city mod apk there is a lot of money and bars that you use to continue your work

 ✓ Infrastructure

 You can build a strong infrastructure with the help of many available tools such as money printers, car factories, jewelry, motorcycles, tanks, and investment companies, and you can also trade in the black market, sell drugs, and others.

 ✓ Archive

 You can make an archive of everything that has been done and keep it, with the names of the employees under your leadership written.

 ✓ Social networking

 It is possible to communicate with the rest of the players in the game, write messages and talk to them, and it is also possible to make an invitation to attend, meet and consult about what is happening in the future.

 ✓ Speed Boost

 You can boost the speed for a lot of things such as increasing the speed of the great looting and looting of resources in the city, as well as increasing the speed of building and upgrading your buildings.

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 General features of Mafia city mod apk

  ✓ Multiple languages, including English.

  ✓ Stunning HD 3D graphics with semi-realistic HD visuals.

  ✓ 360 degree zoom capability

  ✓ Many types of weapons, pistols, rifles, cannons, etc.

 ✓ Create up to 8 factories of each type of them.

 ✓ There is a car park, in which you can put your own cars, or for someone who will answer your invitation and come to you.

 ✓ The presence of a radar that reveals everything that is happening around you, and if you want to reveal how many resources the enemy has, what it produces and how much its strength is, you must upgrade your radar.

 ✓ There is a special prison, in which you put prisoners or those who disobey orders.

 ✓ A flag platform that makes your flag fly, and the platform can be changed according to your desire.

 ✓ The climate of the villa can be changed, and its shape can be changed, such as the Crystal Palace, the Fire Wolf Palace, the Goblin Palace, or Brute Force, and there are many different shapes.

 ✓ Change the effects of the robbery team and make them fake so that no one feels them.

 ✓ Send fake information to the enemy through members when they are being spied on to pretend they are weak.

 ✓ in mafia city mod apk unlimited gold and money There are many very wonderful features that cannot be mentioned in full, when you participate in the game you will get to know everything.


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