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state of survival zombie war mod apk unlimited money and gems free

state of survival zombie war mod apk unlimited money and gems free

state of survival zombie war mod apk is one of the war strategy games that works on Android, the first goal is to fight and insist on winning in order to survive.

 You must take the necessary ideas and measures so that you are ready to face the enemy and survive the changing circumstances.

state of survival zombie war mod apk unlimited money and gems free

When you start the adventure in state of survival mod apk, you will face a city full of zombies who have destroyed that city, as a deadly virus has begun to kill the country six months ago, and disease has spread everywhere and all people are in great fear.  You must work smartly and with all force to restore hope to the people of the city by eliminating zombies and ridding them of the deadly virus that has decimated humans.


 There are a lot of residents in your city, and you can choose from a group of characters to prepare you to fight zombies, they all have a lot of experience in fighting, using different tools and techniques.  And do not forget that if you succumb to the zombies, the disaster will be greater, and they will control everything and completely eliminate life. You can try to survive the zombie apocalypse by creating your own bunkers, upgrading existing structures, and placing them in strategic locations.

 After the fatigue of war and struggle, you should rest with the rest of the other characters, replenish the city's food supplies and treat the wounded. You will receive care for the war-wounded and the sick.

 There are also factories producing firearms and ammunition.  Characters are recruited into recruitment camps, warehouses that contain supplies, and farms that produce food.  Additionally, these tools can be upgraded to increase productivity and performance.

The most important features of state of survival zombie war mod apk

 ✓ Recreate life and build the city

 You must build your home and restore life after surviving the zombies and diseases that were threatening the entire country, and this is a safe home for the survivors.

 ✓ Rescue

 In the state of survival zombie war mod apk , as we mentioned, your goal is to survive, and you have to save humans from devastating wars, and with this you must increase your strength and become able to fight zombies.

 ✓ Build your strategy

 The situation of the zombie army is changing all the time, and there is no doubt that you will be one of the survivors, so you must know everything that can be understood and plan the war and eliminate the zombies.

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  Features of state of survival zombie war mod apk latest version

  ✓ A great strategy game that you can play whenever you want.

  ✓ The game design is amazing and exciting to spend more time playing.

  ✓ state of survival zombie war mod apk  has a lot of straightforward controls.

  ✓ Very cool professional 3D HD graphics.

  ✓ Lots of tools and strategies.

  ✓ There are different zombies.

  ✓ A game about zombies with a completely new gameplay.

  ✓ Sound effects to match the mood of the game.

  ✓ Distinguished characters with different skills

  ✓ Variety of war weapons

  ✓ Elegant and easy user interface.

  ✓ You can play and compete against players from all around the world with state of survival zombie war mod apk


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